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Meet Me At The Biltmore

100 Years at Providence's
Most Storied Hotel
Available October 2022 - Presale Open Now
"A castle that has floated in the air above these plantations for some few years dropped down to earth last night, took to itself the doubly promising name of Providence Biltmore and proved, by a unanimous verdict of the elect and initiated, even better as a reality than as a dream."
         -- Providence Journal, June 7, 1922
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Amanda Quay Blount makes her publishing debut with Meet Me At The Biltmore, a chronological history of the storied Biltmore Hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. Amanda hails from New Jersey but came to Rhode Island in 2018 and was instantly enthralled by the historic allure of the city. Amanda holds a degree in History from Rutgers University and a masters in Social Work and Community Development from Washington University in St. Louis.  Meet Me At The Biltmore was researched over the course of two years and with the help of dozens of people who are interested in the historic and social relevance of the hotel. Amanda compiled thousands of primary source articles and interviews to write this book, including archives from the hotel itself. It is the only comprehensive history of the Providence Biltmore ever written, and she hopes you enjoy the story as much as she enjoyed writing it.

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"New Book Celebrates the Storied Legacy of the Providence Biltmore"
By Dana Rae Laverty, June, 2022

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"As Providence's Graduate hotel turns 100, Amy Russo checks into all those spooky rumors"
By Amy Russo, June, 2022